Edu lab: 4 workshops, new skills, "hands on" approach

Workshop participation is free for everyone with a ticket for ENTER Conference. If you still don’t have a ticket, you can buy it here.

P.S. Because workshops will start at the same time, be careful when applying.

Modern React Development

By  Marko Arsic, Senior Software Developer / Lecturer @ BIT

Date: April 18, 

Duration: 12-18h with breaks



The program of the workshop is practical with lectures, live coding sessions and practicing part. After theoretical part, participants will start with hands on approach and solving different tasks with help from the lecturer.


The workshop will include organization of projects in React, functional programming and functional nature of React. The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to novelties in React such as Context, Hooks and Portals. Participants will work on a project adding new functional components, structures and code refracting.


All participants should have solid knowledge of JS/ES6+ syntax and knowledge of React libraries. All participants must have installed IDE and Node installed on their laptops.


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Clean Code in Practice

By Slavisa Avramovic, Software Architect @ Interventure

Date: April 18

Duration: 10.00-11.30h


After the workshop, the participants should have a good picture of what is the purpose and value of Clean Code, learn the basic of Clean Code practices, and get an idea of the next steps, if their interest persists.

Workshop agenda: Introduction, Names, Functions, Classes, Comments, Clean Coding Spring PetClinic Example.

It is advised that participants bring their own laptop.

Participants with a basic knowledge of Java will have an easier time following the workshop. However, practices of clean code can be applicable to any language. The workshop is intended for students and beginners.


Interested in better understanding of Clean Code practice? Click HERE to apply.

Getting started with WordPress

By Jelena Kovalenkov, Jovana Djordjevic, Jovana Vukovic WP magicians @ GoDaddy

Date: April 18

Duration: 12-18h with breaks


This workshop is part of GoDaddy Women in Technology initiative and it is designed for women in process of retraining or for those who are willing to start learning and exploring WordPress possibilities. If you have some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, or you’ve already had an opportunity to make your own website, you are more than welcome to apply.


Through “Getting started with WordPress” you will hear about perks of WordPress platform, learn what is database, how to make it, how to install WP, make pages, menu, gallery and other elements. By the end of the workshop, you will create your own mini WordPress site.


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From CV to interview (how to successfully prepare yourself for a job interview)

By Tatjana Rajkovic, HR @ Sitel

Date: April 18

Duration: 10-11.30h


During this workshop participants will hear how to prepare their CV, recognize expectations of the employer, how to prepare themselves for the interview, find out more about dos and donts, and get more insights about useful tips & trick.


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