The third edition of ENTER Conference is coming soon! Brace yourself for two days of great lectures and workshops dedicated to various topics concerning web development, project management and career development.


Through different program tracks, ENTER is tailored for experienced developers, final year’s students of technical faculties and people who are in the process of retraining. We believe that through creating space for people of different skills and level of knowledge we create the chance for all of them to grow.


Through ENTER Conference we also want to give attention to professional results and contribution of women within it.




Tech Talks

What are the current trends in web development?
Intended to inform and educate professionals about novelties in this field



Languages. Tools. Design.



Career Talks

How to start your career path? What are the skills and  knowledge requaired for certain positions?

What, where and how to learn?

Created with the aim to motivate and inform beginners about posibilities for their career development.

Motivation. Learning Resources. Experiences.


Managment Talks  

Project managment methodologies, tools and skills.

Helping managers at different levels to improve their performance.




Gaining new or improving the existing skills through practical work in small groups.


Jugoslovenska kinoteka,
Uzun Mirkova 1, Belgrade


April, 17-18 2019



Tickets are available from €25.
Act fast before they are gone.
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Wei Lin

Wei Lin

VP of Engineering @TeleSign

“Why Cyber Security Matters?”


Jasmina Nikolic

CEO & Co-Founder @Agile Humans

“I,the Agile”


Marko Arsic

Senior Software developer /Lecturer @BIT

“React let’s Hook Everything”

workshop “Modern React Development”

Darija Enter

Darija Djordjevic

Developer Support Engineer @Facebook

“Designing GraphQL API”

Marija Punt

Marija Punt

Assistant professor @School of Electrical Engineering

“React vs. Angular”

Miljan Veljovic

Miljan Veljovic

JavaScript Developer @Levi9 

“RxJS Schedulers through the Event Loop”

Dragana Mitrić Aćimović

Dragana Mitric Acimovic

Culture Manager @Sixsentix & QA Cube
“Things your CV says about you that you might not”
Asset 2

Kristina Stojakovic

Scrum Master @SEDMS / Co-founder @Peritia

“Building Community of practice”


Slavisa Avramovic

Software Architect @InterVenture

workshop “Clean Code in Practice”

Jelenka Kovalenkov

Jelena Kovalenkov

Managed Service WordPress Expert @GoDaddy

workshop “Getting started with WordPress”

Jovana Djordjevic

Jovana Djordjevic

Managed Service WordPress Expert @GoDaddy

workshop “Getting started with WordPress”

Jovana Vukovic

Jovana Vukovic

Managed Service WordPress Expert @GoDaddy

workshop “Getting started with WordPress”


Milena Mihajlovic

Product owner @30Hills

“Long story about persistence or a short story about qualification”

Milan Popovic

Milan Popovic

VP of Engineering @Navus
Member @PhpSrbija

“How I become a programmer by chance?”

Asset 1

Tatjana Rajkovic

HR manager @Sitel

workshop “From CV to interview”

Rade Aleksić

Rade Aleksić

Software Developer @Vicert

“How I failed as an intern,but still scored the job?”


Tatjana Zavadja

UX and Product Designer

Group Talks

Mirjana Mijatovic

Mirjana Mijatovic

QA Team Leader @Enjoy.ing
Co-founder @QA Serbia

Group Talks

Ana Miladinović

Ana Miladinovic

Software Developer @3AP

Group Talks

Gordana Pejic

Gordana Pejic

Product Owner @eFront

Group Talks

Milena Rajković

Milena Rajković

HR Partner @VIP Mobile

Group Talks

Marina Todić

Marina Todic

Game producer @Nordeus
 “Production challenges in mobile game development”

Filip Milinković

Filip Milinkovic

Technology and business innovation evangelist

“The story of modern career and why age is never a limit”

Milica Djuric Jovicic

Milica Djuric Jovicic

Acting Director @Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia

Katarina Vukovic1

Katarina Vukovic

Scrum Master @HYCU
“Lean Software Development”

Jelena Medojevic

Jelena Medojevic

Digital Customer Experience Program Manager @VIP mobile

“Creating The OmniChannel Customer Experience in The Age of Personalization”


Team trying to provide useful IT knowledge for different groups of people.

Supporters and promoters of women in IT.

Organizers of Rails Girls Belgrade, Ada Lovelace day, Ruby meetups, Scrumground workshops.

Co-organisers of  JS Saturdays, UX Design, WomENcourage and Level Up Ruby workshops.

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